Summary :  Introduction
Changes in behavior generate new analysis requirements
1995-2005 : The constant growth of cellular telephony
From Flow Method to Info-Mobility
The Info-Mobility Method
Results generated in the tourist sector
Other business sectors that are potential result users
How Info-Mobility was born

In many cases, managing a territory requires knowing a basic piece of data : the population present at a given time.

The method is based on the use of data generated by cellular telephone networks.
It allows real-time or near-real-time quantification of a population present on a given site, and the determination of its various components: people just passing through, regulars, and visitors.

While visitor attendance primarily interests the tourism sector, an analysis of the other two categories of people present offers key information for day-to-day management of a territory and monitoring of its economic activity.

Info-Mobility is the end result of two events: changes in behavior and the development of cellular telephony.


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